Microservice Logging, Monitoring and Alerting Food Fight

A subset of folks who advocate for microservices also consider affording each team the freedom to choose their software stack a good thing.

What then if each team also had the freedom to choose their own logging, monitoring, and alerting stack? Services are monitored using a hodgepodge of Splunk, Moogsoft, Kibana, New Relic, Graphana, and Jira, as well as a collection of homegrown tools. And that’s just within engineering. Ops have their own alerting and ticketing systems, while product rely on handcrafted reports periodically pulled from various sources upon request, manually compiled into Excel or Powerpoint, and then uploaded into Confluence.

I guess this is better than no monitoring and alerting, but not by much. Better to standardize early on a single logging, monitoring and alerting stack. And try to keep a lid on resume driven development while you are at it.